Sick, Sick Sick! Facebook Page and YouTube Video Wants to Infect Black Women with Diseases (UPDATED)

Infectors page

I have seen the bottom of the internet and it is horrific. The hatred of Black women has evolved into to threats against our lives. Honestly, I didn’t want to write about this, but this goes too far. First it was the “rape is a revolutionary act against Black women” video and now this.

infectors sceen shotinfectors sceen shot2

There was a Facebook page that recently appeared from the bowels of the internet called “The Infectors.” Thankfully it was removed. Here is the Google cache and the Yahoo cache of the Facebook page.


On the page, the creator talked about infecting specifically Black women with a disease. It is not hard to connect that the page creator was talking infecting Black women with HIV because the page creator also posted a list of names of the Black women the person claims to have infected.

Infectors YT

As of this moment, their video is still up on YouTube. I hope YouTube eventually removes the video and takes the full extend of action the service can take. I will not link to it. I refuse to provide them with traffic.

When we talk about the hatred of Black women, know it is not a game. Whether if it is the rantings of a lunatic, a shock vlogger who does this for money or a credible threat against Black women, please be aware. If you see pages, social media accounts and threats like this, please report it to the social media site and the authorities.

To report threats and the vile video go to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

YouTube Report Abuse:

Thank you to the Black women who let me know about it and thank you for reading.

All your efforts have worked. YouTube removed the video. THANK YOU!

YouTube removal

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  1. anonymous 5 June, 2015 at 18:31 Reply

    Some people will do the most if this clown really is doing this he needs to locked up why would you go out of your to hurt people attacks on blk women for nothing if he trying to embarrass these women he will be the one who look stupid cause they are the victims no matter what.if blk men think this is funny well its not you want to get rid of blk women so bad you willing to give them that is these people serious.this is the most file thing I ever saw are heard if u want white women go to them and just leave blk women the hell alone.

  2. Lisa 13 June, 2015 at 23:50 Reply

    First let say my comment does not refer to all my brothers. That being said there are many ills in the Black community which seems taboo to speak of. Top of the list is lack of respect for self and others.

    This young man’s rage against Black women is only the tip of the iceberg. Dare we not discuss how we are cursed and ridiculed by our own. Of course not! Black women have long been conditioned not to speak against Black men. And though the ethnicity of the man writing the article has not been revealed, I feel strongly it is a man of color. This also may speak to the small number of comments.

    When teachers are afraid of their younger students (and their parents), scanners and police are necessary safety tools in our schools there is a problem!

  3. Aaron X Representative 16 June, 2015 at 06:29 Reply

    People called Jesus names too….

    The following is from the testimony of Aaron X., our founder,

    We are now almost 75,000 deep with chapters in 12 cities and 5 HBCU campuses. We are hear to stay.

    Black male, may Jehovah be with you, may black women be accursed, may the infection cleanse our people.

    I dedicate this book to all the women I have infected or may have infected. I have lost count of all the names but I will type the ones that I remember most vividly. If you don’t see your name, charge it to my head and not my heart.
    Angela, Julie, Terry, Terri, Latonya, Gwen, Gayla, Susan, Susan R., Susan T. Lisa, Lisa B. Lisa L., Lisa M., Lisa S., Lisa D., Lisa W., Lisa E., Lisa J. Andrea, Andrea T., Andrea W. Andrea S., Nancy, Marlene, Dana, Gwenneth, Salita, Sarita, Serita, Sharon, Sharon A., Sharon D., Sharon T., Ann, Anna, Anne, Annie, Angela, Jacqueline, Jacki, Jackie, Judith, Judith Ann, Lori, Lory, Lorie, Lisa T., Sarah, Sarah L., Rachel, Raquela, Amy, Lacey, Gwen, Trudy, Tracy, Julie, Diane, Nancy, Linda, Winneth….and so many more that I cannot remember at this time.

    Please forgive me. I was only doing the will of God. – Aaron

    Chapter 1
    The calling.
    It happened on a fall afternoon.
    A rainy fall afternoon.
    Rainy and overcast
    I could almost taste the smell of the fresh rain on the red brick sidewalk.
    I walked to the corner store.
    I enjoyed the fall leaves in their autumn glory.
    Oranges, reds, and yellows with streaks of green and brown.
    I love fall.
    I always have.
    He spoke to me.
    In my despair.
    He told me.
    That I had a mission.
    A special mission.
    Nobody could do this mission.
    It had to be me.
    I had the tools.
    I had the looks.
    I had the vocabulary.
    I had the wits.
    Most of all, I had the infection.
    And it was His will and plan.
    That I spread this infection.
    Why?, I asked.
    He told me.
    “It is through trial and pain that people come unto me.”
    I did not understand.
    “By infecting these women, you are bringing them closer to me.”
    I still did not understand.
    “Trial and tribulation are the seeds and fertilizer of humility and grace.”
    Then, I understood.
    I understood my calling.
    My election was sure.
    So, I dropped to my knees right there.
    I could feel the wetness come through the knees of my jeans.
    I accepted my mission.
    I laid prostate.
    Face down.
    “Is he ok?” I heard someone ask.
    I turned my head.
    “I’m just humbling myself before God”
    “Oh, ok….humble on”, was her response.
    I laid there for what seemed like an eternity.
    But, once I got up, I knew.
    I knew my mission.
    I knew my calling.
    I knew my purpose.
    I knew why I was here.
    Ordained, from before the foundations of the world.
    Called, from before the first steps of man.
    Anointed, from before the first moments of time.
    This is my moment.
    My calling.
    My election.
    I am called to infect.
    To spread this infection.
    Of course, many will not understand.
    Because, they walk in darkness.
    But, I walk in the light.
    And, I understand.
    Thank you, Yahweh.
    Thank you for calling me.

    Chapter 2
    Sharon laid prostate on my bed.
    Face down.
    Just hours ago, I had poured my life giving seed into her hot, wet vulva.
    Doggy style, sideways, missionary.
    We did it all.
    I think they call it “around the world”.
    Now, I had to make sure she was infected.
    So, I had given her something to drink earlier.
    A cocktail…rum, vodka, coke.
    With some muscle relaxers and pain killers in it.
    She was out.
    Her succulent chocolate buttocks rising up like twin mountains of fleshly pleasure.
    So, I got out my syringe.
    Gently, as not to wake her.
    However, I think she was so far out that an earthquake would not wake her.
    I had to make sure I had done His will.
    In case the ejaculation did not succeed in infection.
    I had to do something else.
    I wrapped the plastic hose around my arm and pulled tight until a vein popped forth.
    Then, I inserted the syringe and drew out several centiliters of the liquid of the gods.
    It was bright, red, full of life and infection, full of purpose and passion, full of divine purpose.
    I took off the plastic hose and stretched my arm.
    I was thankful that I have friends in the medical profession as I wiped a little local anesthesia onto her buttocks.
    I kissed both her mounds, injected the gift into her, packed my things and left.
    On the way out, I knelt and prayed at her doorstop. I thanked God for trusting me with this mission.
    Yes, I infect black women.

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