Black people who want Black people to stay in violent neighborhoods want you to die


There I said it. Black people who want you to stay in violent communities want you to die a physical, spiritual and emotional death.  It’s the truth.

I received a lot of push back for my post “Black Women Think Like Black Men. Leave the Black Community Behind.” Why? Because they want you to go down with Titanic too. They don’t want to see you thrive. They want to see you struggle just like they are. Think about it. What person in their right mind would want anyone to stay in a war zone in the name of racial unity? Sick diseased crabs in the barrel do. These people think violence, suffering and dysfunction is normal. It isn’t. Question. Do you think the drug dealer selling poison in your communities gives a damn about racial unity? No. Do you think the thug gang-bangers who kill other Black people (yes, they are thugs) give two damns about racial unity? Hell no. Do you think Pookey and Peaches who sit on the corner give a damn about racial uplift? No. They want to kill you.

Approximately 30% of our children in violent communities are getting PTSD because of it. By the way, I don’t care if you wrongly call it “hood disease.” Regardless of the name it is still post-traumatic stress disorder. No wonder Black children are struggling at school. Hell, if you live in a war zone and succeeded despite the challenges you are genius and a survivor. The thing is who in their right mind would want to voluntarily put their children through that?

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2012, Table 17

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2012, Table 17

People who disagree may say well “what about violence in suburban areas.” They point to issues like domestic violence, drugs and racism? HUH? Domestic violence in violent communities is at epidemic levels. When was the last time you seen gangs kill each other over oxytocin? And racism? Racism is everywhere. I am from New York City so please miss me with that garbage.

If you can’t leave or don’t want to leave hold your politician’s accountable and demand community services. If you can leave, run, don’t walk. Let those who want to save the community save it. If you feel like you want to save the community donate to charity and save yourself.  For a list of violent crime rates by metro area click here. “Now you know and knowing is half the battle.” G.I. Joe



  1. Brenda55 27 May, 2014 at 10:08 Reply

    “Black people who want Black people to stay in violent neighborhoods want you to die”


    Whats more many who are yelling this the loudest don’t live there themselves.

  2. ak 30 May, 2014 at 00:04 Reply

    Yes regarding the title of this post and especially certain black people that have certain popular blogs that begin with the letter ‘W’.

  3. SeattleSistah 22 June, 2014 at 11:26 Reply

    This is ridiculous… while I don’t always agree with you, I find your posts well reasoned and thoughtful. On this one you have gone off the rails. Most women who CAN leave these neighborhoods, HAVE left them. Those who remain have no choice. The circumstances that prevent them from leaving also prevent them from organizing for change.

    Having said that, I understand your anger, frustration and helplessness – my daughter, home from college, was jumped by three black women and the police hardly responded. Rather than leave, I choose to stay and fight for my community.

    I truly hope your brother is well on his way to recovery.

  4. D Ester 22 June, 2014 at 15:13 Reply

    I agree! For some stupid reason we can never get our *ish together!!! Why is it that those of us who come from the hood, want more, work hard to get & understand that’s what it takes to live better have to be surrounded by jackasses that come from the same beginnings but don’t want to do better???! It’s the same ‘ol story! The ‘animals’ move into the neighborhood & plummet the surroundings & peacefulness!! To bad for those of you who don’t like these words! DO BETTER!!! OR STAY WHERE YOU ARE & STOP INFESTING GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS!!

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