The Aaliyah movie in one word: F*CKERY


The Aaliyah movie in one word F*CKERY! Pure F*UCKERY!

Y’all know I don’t curse but this warranted it. We should have known it was going to be bad from the start considering the colorless, anyone can be Black original actress slated to play her, the fact they didn’t have access to Aaliyah’s music and the most important fact, Aaliyah’s family disapproved. We did Zendaya a favor. She should thank us and send some roses because we protested ole barely Black but Black enough Disney Biracial star’s casting.

If you don’t get it, it was bad. The singing was bad. The sound was bad. The dancing was bad. The acting was bad.  Even the name dropping was bad. Everything was bad. It was church play written and directed by Brother Jenkins bad.  I’d rather tweeze my eyebrows with a rusty dollar store tweezer than recommend this movie. Forget that. I’d rather treat myself to a yeast infection than let someone watch this movie.

The entire time I was wondering why wasn’t I watching Magic Mike. There was one scene where Aaliyah’s father stepped to child predator R. Kelly.  I was waiting for Mother Jenkins get up and say, “hallelujah kick dat nicca’s ass.” That would have been more entertaining than this movie but it didn’t happen. The only thing the movie had going for it was that it was over.

There are some who say her life didn’t warrant this movie. They are right. She deserved better than this. Lifetime do better! Angela Bassett will not mess up Whitney’s story. Maybe Lifetime will let her do a remake of this and I will learn not to waste two hours of my life.




  1. Claszykl 15 November, 2014 at 23:52 Reply

    Between this and that BAPS mess Lifetime has had two major strikes when it comes to recreating and showcasing black women on tv. With messy Wendy Williams behind this I know we aren’t surprised at the result. Let’s just hope and pray Basset with her class and acting skills will do Whitney justice.

  2. fantasial 16 November, 2014 at 09:23 Reply

    Ok, Zendaya is light skin, same skin tone as Aaliyha and they both have long hair. In my opinion Zendaya is BLACK enough. However, could they have gotten a better actress/singer? Sure, but as for Z not being “black enough”; is a ridiculous irrational argument. Plenty of people have played other nationalities, For example, Jennifer Lopez playing Selena, who was Mexican. And we all know Jennifer Lopez can’t sing, act or dance like Selena. Jennifer Lopez admitted to knowing very little about Mexican culture, being that Puerto Ricans are genetically different than Mexicans. Again, most black people are mixed with something going way back. It doesn’t matter how much black someone has in them! No, skin color doesn’t determine level of mixture either. You will see very, very light skin people who have more African blood in them, than many dark skin people. Genetics is a crap shot. I’d like to point out that most of the African slaves were dropped off in South America, and the West Indies, North American blacks make up a very small percentage to be exact. Most people with African genetics do not come from North America,so you do the math guys. Besides, we don’t ever know how much black blood people have in them! For example, Barack Obama’s mother had black blood as well in her. That means Barack Obama is mostly black, because his mother was blood related to someone black. But yet, white folks go on and on, about him being mixed? So can someone like Will Smith play Barack Obama? Or do we need black women’s permission? Why do black women do that? Why are we always ok with Denzel Washington, playing Malcolm X when Malcolm X was light skin with RED hair! X also admitted his granmother was RAPED by a slave MASTER! Yet we don’t have an issue when Denzel Washington plays a (technically) mixed person like Malcolm X whose white blood showed through very clearly? No we all applauded Denzel’s performance! And yes, his performance was amazing! I think it’s ignorant tokeep measuring how black someone is. Its a sad fact that we place double standards on black women, and how light or dark they can be in Hollywood to play a role. No one screamed when Hispanic looking Jeffrey Wright played Martin Luther King? Jeffrey Wright as won awardsbecause he can cross from black to Latino in his acting, he played Hispanics and blacks,and he doesn’t look totally black American to me? But anyway, yes Zendaya did a terrible job, but that’s because she is a Disney star,and they ALL suck. Had she been dark skin, would we have felt better? No, because when it comes to black women in Hollywood, black women create skin color comoetitions, instead of basing it on performance. Actors are actors, they can change, hair, eye color and yes EVEN nationality, if it fits the role,that’s why it’s Hollywood, and not real life.

  3. fantasial 16 November, 2014 at 09:32 Reply

    And btwm Zendaya is half white, but to my eye she appears to have more West African features than Aailyha, Aaliyha clearly had a European looking nise, where as Zendaya has a flat more African nose. Damn even Jennifer LOPEZ has a flat nose, Selena had a pointy taller nose. They admitted to having to, “fix” Jlo’s lighter eye color, and flatter nose with prosthetics and lenses, to get her to LOOK like Selena. Jlo’s skin is even darker than Selena’s was, so go figure. Zendaya is a gorgeous girl, she really does need to work on her talent though. I wish her luck in her future.

  4. fantasial 16 November, 2014 at 09:42 Reply

    A Japanese can play a Chinese, a light skin black can play a mixed person, a Mexican can play a Cherokee Indian, a Haitian can play a Jamaican….A dark skin black man can play a red headed light skin black man with freckles! But ONLY when it applies to MEN Actors?! I see….

    • Bougie Black Girl 16 November, 2014 at 13:44 Reply

      Black women of two parents do not have these advantages. Denzel is an accomplished actor plus Malcolm X’s family approved. Black women who have TWO parents are being replaced by biracial actresses.
      Harriet Tubman was played by a biracial woman.
      Nina Simone, a woman who was very proBlack was played by a woman who self identifies depending on the audience. She had to wear a fake nose and Black face for Christ’s sake.
      Aaliayah who had TWO Black parents was supposed to be played by one biracial Disney actress only to be replaced by another.
      All were real Black women. There would be hell if Lupita played Lena Horne but to you any biracial actress can play a Black women. Please.

  5. notprocessed 19 November, 2014 at 08:19 Reply

    Not trying to be mean Bougie,but that’s a very poor argument you’ve created comparing Lupita to Horne ? Both are class acts, both have the face of an angel! yeah I think in terms of class, beauty and personality,Lupita could pull off playing the legendary Horne ,however physically they look nothing alike ! casting directors would never cast Lupita to play Lena . they don’t cast people who look that drastically different. there is no way you could transform Lupita into Lena Horne not even with professional hair makeup and lighting. just wouldn’t workou’re acting as though they casted Britney Spears to play Aaliyah? zendaya is physically close enough to play Aaliyah. the only thing that sets Zoey apart from most black women is her hair texture. Zoe does not have a tall knows nor does she has white features

  6. notprocessed 19 November, 2014 at 08:28 Reply

    the only thing that sets Zoe apart from most black women is her hair texture if Zoe had kinky hair she would look like any other black woman. Zoe doesn’t have a tall nose, so they can transform her nose to look more like the legendary Nina Simone. they do it with white and Hispanic actors all the time . if the white actor is portraying a person with high cheekbones trust me they will use makeup, prosthetics and lighting to create higher cheekbones. truth is Zoe S. eyes and basic bone structure and body type reveal that she looks a little bit like Nina Simone , so hair makeup and lighting can work to create the image that they want to create. make up lighting people and people who do prosthetics they study bone structure ,so I think they would know if someone looks like another person. to mention she is acting royalty she’s only a shader to lighter than Nina was. and why are you making it seem as though light skinned or mulatto biracial blacks can’t be just as pro black is anybody black I’ve met dark skinned black people who can’t stand black people.. what? show me where you see that Zoe denied being black she never has she’s never denied being black sure she’s taken rolls at 4 let for Latinas but she never denied her black . again there are more blacks in South America than in North America most of the slaves got dropped off in the West Indies or South America. they speak Spanish that does not mean that they don’t consider themselves black you speak English but that doesn’t mean you’re a white English woman right ?

  7. notprocessed 19 November, 2014 at 08:32 Reply

    truth is you’re speaking the language of the English white man that the master that gave you that language people that are from the West Indies that happen to speak Spanish that is because the slave masters taught the Africans and the Native Americans over there to speak Spanish. and yes some of them do deny being black because they are probably multi-ethnic. but someone like Zoe could never ever deny being black. don’t confuse her hair texture with her not being black.

  8. notprocessed 19 November, 2014 at 08:41 Reply

    not to mention you’re implying that all dark-skinned blacks have a broad flat nose. Implying that all light skinned black with straight hair have a pointy nose that’s not true you’re kind of implying I’m not saying you’re saying it but you’re implying it., if you study bone structure and actually look at the structure of Zoe’s nose her structure is very similar to Nina Simone’s however the size is slightly different so they can work with that in hair,and makeup. there are dark skinned black celeb a very skinny nose and you have some light skin curly hair lighter black who have a flat nosr. quit stereotyping people by color. also Zoe is brown skin not light skinned I don’t know where you get that zoe is light skinned? she’s brown skinned if she went out in the Sun for 30 days she could be just as dark as Nina Simone was they just had to do something quick too dark in her skin but Zoe skin can get very dark cuz she’s already kinda dark so she’s not actually in . black face. she’s multi-ethnic but her predominant blood is black. one more thing there are full blooded black people who appear biracial and there are biracial people who up here to be only black. so I really don’t see your point ?

  9. notprocessed 19 November, 2014 at 08:47 Reply

    I meant that there are biracial people who are only considered black because they look black that’s not denying your white or Hispanic parents that’s just facing reality girl.

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