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Want to save thousands of dollars this year? Do these five things.



It seems like everything is becoming expensive. Well, everything is. However, you don’t have to go broke because of it. We here at Bougie Black Girl can fix that. Here are five easy ways you can save thousands of dollars this year!

Dine in! Did you know people spend more money at restaurants than they do grocery shopping? Check out Crain’s “Americans’ spending on dining out just overtook grocery sales for the first time ever” Maybe we want to save time. We work long hours and we’re too tired to cook. For some of us, we just don’t feel like cooking. Regardless of the reason, we’re spending more money we than we have to. How can you save money? Follow the lead of our grandmas and fitness experts. Pre-prep your food. On your day off prepare your meals for the rest of the week. It will save you time, money and take the guess-work out of figuring out what to cook for dinner. Plus it’s healthier and you know what you’re eating too.

Stop paying to get your money! Skip the ATM fee and withdraw money while you are shopping at the register for free. That $3.00 ATM  transaction (in 2014 it was an average of $4.35) adds up. According to in 2013, Americans paid $32.5 billion bank fees alone. You can also go to your bank’s website and find a local branch. By the way, if you are a part of a credit union, some credit unions won’t charge you to withdraw your money. Check with your bank or credit union about their banking fees and locations.

Give up sickness and get healthy! In 2013, an study said Americans spent $25 billion on preventable hospitalizations. What are preventable hospitalizations? Preventable hospitalizations are hospitalizations for obesity, heart disease, smoking, diabetes and other medical conditions. How can we prevent preventable hospitalizations? By exercising, not smoking, reducing stress and changing our diet. Simply changing our diet, not smoking, avoiding bad stress and exercising keeps the doctors away and you won’t have to buy expensive medication. Being healthy missing means more days at work and more money. Of course, check with your doctor to find out the best health plan for you.

Price match! Sometimes products are cheaper online than they are in brick and mortar stores. You can get around that. Some big box retailers will price match items you see on the major online retail websites. I did it. I took my phone to one of the big box stores and showed them the price difference on Amazon. Guess what? The store honored it. My item went from $100 to $75. Here are some of the big box stores price matching policies:

 Walmart  Target
 Best Buy  Macy’s

Go old school. Dry your clothing outside! Instead of spending money at the laundry or on your electric bill, think like our great grandparents. Get a clothing line and hang your wet clothes in your home or in your backyard. Drying your clothes on a clothing line is free and clothes will smell fresh.

Do you have any tips to save money? Share them below. Follow these tips and you’ll save thousands of dollars. You can use that money to finally go on that dream vacation or buy your next home. Let’s start saving today. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

Remember the only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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    I really appreciate all this information you provide in your blog. I have learned so much and am wanting to leave the corporate world to branch out on my own.

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