10 Awesome Things About Dads

Man and Child Having fun in the park.

Awesome dads need to be recognized so today we put together a list of 10 awesome things about dads.

1. They may not know how to fix things but they fake it until they make it or at least until they finally cave in and pay someone to fix it.

2. They are our first sparring partner. Who knew a baby could knock a daddy out or knock other things too.

3. Dad doesn’t need a map. He’s watched Surviorman so he can tell directions from the sky.

4. Yes dads can cook. OK some dads can cook. Well at least some try.

5. For dads mowing the lawn is an art form.

6. Dads love too. They just express it in different ways.

7. Dads play army men and do tea parties too.

8. A dad teaches his son how to be a man and teaches his daughter how to be treated by a man.

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9. Regardless of how old you are you will always be daddy’s baby.

10. They are our mentors, counselors, boo-boo kissers, protectors and best friends.

We love our dads.



  1. firefly88 13 June, 2014 at 18:30 Reply

    A Dads are awesome and so needed. No one can replace a Dad. There is nothing that really compares to a dad’s approval, protection, trust and love. The job is not easy or for the faint of heart, but those that are good dad’s set the world right and give light to their children’s future even after they are long gone.
    To all the father’s out there who are more than men with children, but are real dad’s happy father’s day.

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