A White Man is Playing Michael Jackson. Bah ha ha ha! Look at God!

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According to The Grio, there’s a White man playing Michael Jackson in a British TV movie.

“In an unexpected turn of events that has left many on social media scratching their heads in confusion, Shakespeare in Love actor Joseph Fiennes has now been confirmed to play none other than Michael Jackson in a new project.”

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You know what? Look at God! Many are outraged. I’m like why?

That moment when the world hands you your White privilege card back

Y’all was OK with this!!

Some of y’all were OK with the Last Race Bender, Rachel Dolezal pretending to be a Black woman here and here because she married a Black man and was down for the cause. Y’all love her even more because y’all know she targeted real Black women who were in her local NAACP and were her college students. She’s a Black woman haters wet dream. LOL!!

Some of y’all were OK with Black when convenient actresses ALWAYS play BLACKITY BLACK Nina Simone, Harriet Tubman and other real and fictional Black women. Some of y’all are OK when Black women are portrayed as angry manless brutes while their biracial girlfriend was the love interest in every darn Black movie. In this case a White man playing MJ isn’t way off. He had a skin condition and plastic surgeries that altered his looks. One more thing. Michael Jackson had White children.

Matt Damon as Malcolm X. I can see it.

Matt Damon as Malcolm X. I can see it.

How about this guy as Bob Marley?

How about this guy as Bob Marley?

I believe it’s about darn time. Yes, I’m being petty and I’m kidding. Maybe I’m not. Anywho! Maybe some of y’all will start seeing and taking seriously the erasure of Black women in entertainment now that it’s happening to Black men. Vin Diesel as Marcus Garvey or maybe Matt Damon as Malcolm X? I can see it now. Do ya thing Hollyweird. I expect nothing less.

What do you think?

The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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  1. Brenda55 27 January, 2016 at 18:41 Reply

    Staying neutral while I sip my tea and snack on popcorn. I rate the entertainment value of this dog and pony show an 8.

  2. Professormegan 27 January, 2016 at 20:21 Reply

    I’m curious to see whether the same people who support the erasure of black women with instances like Dolezal will also support this nonsense.

    It’s interesting because I was just watching Paul Mooney on Netflix doing a stand up from last year where he joked about the absurdity of Hollywood casting white actresses in the role of Cleopatra, and how they would one day cast Meryl Streep as Harriet Tubman…yet another reason why I do not subscribe to network programming and stream ALL of my entertainment.

  3. Yvonnej 28 January, 2016 at 06:20 Reply

    Ah yes this explains why I actually felt NOTHING about this news. Hmm hmm Nina Simone told me “Girl God will do it. Won’t he?”‘ ????????

  4. Donna 28 January, 2016 at 15:40 Reply

    Can’t disagree with the article. There was the movie World Trade Center, where a white man played SGT Jason Thomas, the Black Marine dude that saved people during 9/11 at the WTC. According to wiki, Oliver Stone stated he didn’t know SGT Thomas was Black until after they started filming. He’s lying because the dude appeared on Oprah (my mother watched the show). Oh well, life goes on. Have a good day.

    • Donna 28 January, 2016 at 15:46 Reply

      Here is an excerpt from an article detailing the 9/11 rescue by SGT Jason Thomas: “Shamberg said he apologized to Thomas for an inaccuracy in the film: Thomas is black, but the actor cast to portray him, William Mapother, is white. Filmmakers realized the mistake only after production had begun, Shamberg said.
      Thomas laughed and gently chided the filmmakers, then politely declined to discuss it further. “I don’t want to shed any negativity on what they were trying to show,” he said.” CORRECTION: Stone probably didn’t see the Oprah show interviewing this dude.

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