Record or Soul Selling: Watch what it takes for rapper Bobby Shmurda to get signed by Epic

Bobby s2

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This is a video of 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda performing for his record deal in front of record executives from Epic. The video is a rare and shocking peek behind the record industry curtain. The person who posted the video  probably thought it was a good thing. They were wrong. Aside from the vile lyrics I am extremely disturbed by this video. I am not alone. Look at the comments and overwhelming number of dislikes.

Take a look at what I see. Look at who he is “performing” for. You would believe that an industry mostly dominated by Black men would be run by them but looking at this video it is clearly not. Black men are nothing but products consumed by the masses and tossed away once the record execs sucked every bit of talent from them. If you had any questions of why rap is dying and why ignorance and violence are promoted in that industry look at the faces in the room. They are the peddlers of Black death. They are the decision makers. They are the ones who decide who and what will be heard.

Now I want you to take a look at what Shmurda has to do to even be signed. If you thought talent alone got you through you were wrong. Jumping on tables, bucking your body and acting like a fool does. To be honest I am disgusted. It feels like I am watching a minstrel show. I was waiting for someone to toss quarters at him and say “dance boy dance.” Does he even realize what he is doing? Does he even care or is obtaining the little money he will get worth more than sacrificing his dignity? Should I be even surprised? This man has a song called “Hot N****.” Those are questions he and others who want to be in this industry have to decide.

Let the video below serve as a warning to those who want to go into this industry. This is what you have to do. If bouncing around like a wild animal and talking about n’s, b’s and killing in front of White executives is what it takes to get into the music industry maybe you should consider getting into a different business. Here is something even better. Maintain your dignity. Control your own wealth and start your own label. Without Black talent these record companies would not exist.

Warning NSFW or children. The video contains profanity.




  1. Ritchie Mayes 28 October, 2014 at 15:25 Reply

    Anytime someone utters a thought, that person is ultimately responsible for the message conveyed. Record executives culpability is providing the outlet for expression of thought. However, we cannot disregard the complacency displayed towards black consumers. Nor the impact of negative stereotypes presented to adolescent and young adults, who has not fully developed cognitive reasoning abilities to distinguish between harmful messages and positive imagery.

    Therefore the messenger, both record executives and artist, are responsible for the content of messages. What is more insidious about the actions and lyrics of Bobby Shmurda, they support destructive negative stereotypes, and confirm the most heinous perceptions of whites that young black men are willing to assume the persona of a minstrel man, a caricature of a character defined as a buffoon.

    Underneath the comical shenanigans lies a real problem. Young men willing to degrade themselves in the guise of possessing talent. Possessing talent is subjective. As is motivations by record executives who continue to control the means and distribution of messages. Underneath the veneer of profits, are interests, which collaborate to subliminally contribute to the perpetuation of emasculating young black men. In a sense, many of those men allow their talent to become pimped out like a prostitute servicing johns for pennies.

    That is how the industry view artists. As meat in a bordello whose only function serves to generate a steady flow of money. Like the prostitute who has aged, and lost their physical attraction, they no longer are able to attract paying customers. When consumers tire of the message, they no longer visit their favorite hoe for a few moments of pleasure.

    • Kushite Prince 19 December, 2014 at 13:41 Reply

      “Now I want you to take a look at what Shmurda has to do to even be signed. If you thought talent alone got you through you were wrong. Jumping on tables, bucking your body and acting like a fool does. To be honest I am disgusted. It feels like I am watching a minstrel show. I was waiting for someone to toss quarters at him and say “dance boy dance.” Does he even realize what he is doing? Does he even care or is obtaining the little money he will get worth more than sacrificing his dignity?”
      Very well said BB! I totally agree. He looks like a fool. he will realize it later in life when he’s older. Our youth is so lost right now. They have no guidance. 🙁

  2. femmemuscle 28 October, 2014 at 20:01 Reply

    you’re right, i couldn’t understand a word he was saying, either. It’s so obvious to me that these executives were thinking: “Would someone please hurry up and get this “N” out of here”?

    They “TOLERATED” this..I’m have to agree that this looked like a minstrel show. I’m surprised no one even had the decency to walk out?

    He’s strutting, bucking and cheesing like he’s very proud of himself. I’m sure he’s thinking of all of the money that come “rolling in”, along with the groupies “b’s” and “hoes” that come with it.

    If any one with any honor or integrity would challenge him? He’d do that silly aping/pimping strut and crow about how “rich” he is.. or will be..

    yet he won’t think twice about how poorly he’s perpetuating his own culture and community. But nothing to worry about.. he’s no different than the rest of the so-called “brothers” in the industry.

    and the white folks are more than happy to accommodate this high-priced insanity.

    • Ritchie Mayes 4 November, 2014 at 08:58 Reply

      I agree, the black community no longer need to be exposed to someone’s reality, framed in the experience of women as h’s and b’s. Money does not remove someone from the responsibility of the negative poison spewed by these jesters, masquerading as a conscious of commentary on social issues. When we no longer support the buffoonery, they will simply go away.

  3. Jonathan 29 October, 2014 at 04:14 Reply

    He is an artist folks. Prior to doing music he was selling dope. Now he does music. Which do you prefer? One might say his lyrics are harsh and they influence kids to do bad stuff but if your son or daughter is influenced by that, then that’s more your fault than his. I think most of the folk that will comment on this post couldn’t mustard up the courage to perform like he did in front of that mixed corporate crowd. In fact, most of you aren’t even your self at work because you have been conditioned to think and act a certain way around people that aren’t from your culture. He is acting no different than he would if he was in concert or no different than the dog and pony show you put on to get hired at your 9-5 for a person from another culture. Point blakn every time a person of color has a chance to make money and do better for him/herself we as a people are quick to tear them down; yet, we never tear down our no job having brother or loose pussy sister. Lets stop focusing on entertainment and sports and focus on your weak ass immediate family members and the poss poor politicians that really enable all of the bad imagery in Bobby’s songs to be present. If you comment on this post and you have a brother, sister, or cousin that is black and did not graduate from college or own their own business, please think twice before leaving a comment you are more of the problem than Bobby is.

    In closing, so what his lyrics are offensive to some people (not me). I am more offended by the piss poor methods used in common core math which is being forced down the throats of our children. Stop passing judgement on the very FEW blacks that have an opportunity to make some money and do better for themselves. Suppport him!

    • Broomy (@BlackWomanGamer) 30 October, 2014 at 08:40 Reply

      “Support him”? A man that uses the word “BITCH” over 35 times in a rap “song”. Maybe some self-hating black woman will but many are not and the trend (thankfully) of supporting these soul selling clowns is winding down. He does have other choices than to sell dope. If he can see that and if YOU can’t see that I suggest therapy. I dont (and never have) supported sellout black males that denigrate black women and their fellow black men (with using the “N” word). I hope he goes broke.

      • Jonathan 31 October, 2014 at 05:53 Reply

        Re: Broomy (@BlackWomanGamer)

        When did “Bitch” become a racist word directed to black women – you took it that way. If you aren’t a bitch why would this word affect you? Furthermore, you do realize that there are indeed some real bitches out there. Not all girls are good! He has the creative license to report on the females he has dealt with in a true manner, if they were bitches – oh well.

        How is selling his soul, because he make rap music? That called employment! Some people become doctors some become rappers. I think he was more of soul seller when he sold drugs. You do realize that that was more wrong than what he is doing right now?

        I agree he does have other choices other than sell dope – he is rapping now (his first choice). And you and seem to have a serious problem with people that are making money in ways that you are not, why is that?

        I’m sure he could use some therapy (who couldn’t). Ask yourself this question, how would you like him to pay for those therapy sessions, sell dope or make music. Sadly, I think your answer would be sell dope because then he cant use the word “bitch”.

        You are the reason why black folk cant get ahead in life – you don’t support “sellout black males” and you probably don’t support black people in general. Its small minded people like you that don’t realize that the majority of black millionaires come from sports and entertainment. If people followed your advice and didn’t support these rappers what do you think will happen? Back to the streets, selling dope in your back yard. Instead of directing your anger towards Bobby be mad at the politicians that took jobs from his neighborhood, be mad at the lack of education in his neighborhood, be mad at the fact that when blacks try to become entrepreneurs – we don’t support our own people (oh wait that’s you).

        Let me tell you something, the Arabs and Chinese are selling 1000s of black folks foods that are full of fat and other bad things at our local corner stores (blacks still support them). If you don’t shop at corner stores Walmart, Sams, Costco, etc…are sticking it to their employees (blacks still support them). Jews own law and entertainment and are highly selective about who they let in (blacks still support them). Whites got everything else (we know this story all too well) (blacks still support them). Why would you want to see these young black boys NOT make money knowing that based on their education level and the place they grew up, the probable result for them is not favorable.

        Like I said earlier, people give power to words. If you aren’t a nigger, why does that term offend you? Im sure at some point in your life you had a white person actually treat you like a nigger, WHAT DID YOU DO (*crickets*)?

        For you to wish a person goes broke based on your agreement is just sad. He uses the term bitch and nigger in his songs, so he should go broke.

    • Lady A 3 November, 2014 at 04:36 Reply

      Nope, why do we always have to be lenient on black male entertainers? We don’t do it for black female entertainers. If we feel they’re an embarrassment to black music we drag them to filth no matter what hard background they come from. Nicki Minaj ring a bell?

      This video is embarrassing and shows the mindset of the black community. Most rap and hip-hop is very offensive to women, let alone black women, so that’s one solid reason to call it trash. Also the constant talking about selling drugs and killing other black men. I get tired of hearing the same stuff said all the time, how can some of you not be annoyed by this mess?

      Like someone said, there are many more talented rappers who don’t have to stoop to this type of coonery to sell records, but they are ignored. Those white people are probably like “Dance puppet dance, promoting your problematic music that mainly berates the women in your community and other black men”. I’m sick of these ignorant male rappers, I hope he flops, none of them stay long anyway, so there’s a glimmer of hope lmao. Lets hope he’s just basking in his 15 minutes and we don’t have to be tortured by him again.

      • Jonathan 3 November, 2014 at 14:40 Reply

        Regarding Lady A:

        You said, “Like someone said, there are many more talented rappers who don’t have to stoop to this type of coonery to sell records, but they are ignored.”

        Could you name them? After you name them, please take one picture that shows all of the records you have brought to support those rappers and upload it as your profile pic in the next 12hrs. It’s 1:30pm mountain time on 11/3/2014.

        I’ll will bet you a dollar, you don’t have “many more talented rappers” albums. In fact I doubt you really know rap music. If you did you would understand that as a whole the stuff he raps about is true, rather he is living or people you know.

        Rap is offense to women who take it to heart. If your not a bitch why are you mad? Is your sister, mother, or niece a bitch – if so check them not bobby.

        Did you know the KKK is offensive towards black people and black women? I would love for you to send us some links to their websites where you write comments to drag them through the mud like you did to our brother Bobby.

        Yeah, you and others just talk crap because you are conditioned to be that way. You are the problem. I hope you read this and realize you dont have any records of these so called “many more talented rappers” and your just a talker and not a suppotter of black business.

        • Lady A 6 November, 2014 at 08:56 Reply

          Bobby Shmurda whatever his name is, is not my damn brotha. A negro rapping about catching bodies and killing his own damn kind is not my damn brother. You can try to doll up this ignorant mofo if you want to just because you sit and listen to that feces you want to call music he has put out.

          There’s rappers like Common, Talib Kwalib, Diggy Simmons, Jaden Smith, J.Cole, rappers who are not about constantly promoting ignorance.

          You don’t look for those rappers because you mentally identify with rappers like Bobby, and that’s nothing to be proud of.

          Why am I trying to have a logical debate with you though? You’re not very bright are you? You see no wrong in black men like Bobby because you’re probably a splitting image of him. You probably shit on black women like Bobby daily though. It’s crazy how politically correct you guys are when it comes to one another but a black female is just a “bitch” and shouldn’t be offended while you’re sitting up here preaching this fake pro-black lecture disguised as your love for some problematic negro rapper. You don’t preach this stuff daily, lol I laughed.

          Sittin here talking about the KKK. White companies eat this mess up, you cool with the KKK as long as they offer your favorite rapper a record deal huh? Stay sleep.

          • Jonathan 6 November, 2014 at 11:34

            Regarding Lady A:

            Where is the photo of the albums you brought from the rappers you listed? You had one opportunity to prove me wrong but didn’t respond. Shame on you!

            My point exactly! You are the reason why those rappers remain in the background, you don’t support them.

            I know each one of the rappers you named. None of them graduated from college, so you are correct in the fact we are not the same mentally. But what is your point?

            I asked you several questions in my previous comment, you didn’t reply. If you are going to debate let’s really do it, don’t just blabbering off with out any real statements.

            Side note: you come off as a single older women that has been hurt and called bitch by black men. I could be wrong. But if I’m right don’t give up hope. There are plenty of good guys out there don’t block someone because they use the term bitch or listen to bobby.

    • marie 22 December, 2014 at 15:03 Reply

      you really had to dig deep, deep, deep into that well to justify this hip hop “artist” didn’t you.

      as if he only has two options, selling dope or becoming a jester.

      these are the standards we hold ourselves to as a people.


      • Jonathan 22 December, 2014 at 15:17 Reply

        Marie, I don’t think I had to dig deep. It is a reality for many males in his situation, rather you agree or not. Remove bobby from this situation and ask yourself why so many chose that path versus being “something Marie approves”. When you can answer that question you should then direct your anger and attention to that vs bobby. In America we address the effects and not the causes. In closing, what is a “black standard” you alluded to?

  4. sojornertruth 29 October, 2014 at 08:18 Reply

    This is not talent!
    This is regurgitating the same gangsterism of the past 20 years! Nothing artistic about it, no creativity! This is purposeful because I know, as well as you all that there are truly talented every city creating music.THE INDUSTRY does not want to SUPPORT THEM!! There has been a calculated,, racially driven agenda in the entertainment industry to neutralize any conscious artist (most are made into actors/actresses)pop up white artists with some talent, keep new talent that is not white beneath them and stuck on Jazz festivals circuit and what not. AND YOU CAN ARGUE ALL YOU WANT(trolls come out in you want)IT IS OBVIOUS!! They pushed Eminem down our throats and since, it is hard for black rappers with true to lyrically superstar status (don’t mention Jay.z, that is another story) but the story is this:it’s by design!! Study music history in the U.S….

    • Jonathan 31 October, 2014 at 06:04 Reply

      For the week ending in 9/21/2014

      #4. Bobby Shmurda – “Hot Boy” – 40,683 (212,760)

      Let me explain he had the number four song for the top 10 r&b/hip hop song. He sold 40 song in one week and has grossed 212k total.

      That means that 212k disagree with you, they seem to think he has talent. Talent is a subjective term.

      I don’t think the mona lisa is creative, I think its ugly. Everyone is entitled to opinions but again 212k people disagree with you. You are in the minority when it comes to Bobby, sorry.

      They didn’t push Eminem on us, the kid can rap. What about Drake, j-cole, jay electronica, wayne, etc. They got skills check the bill boards, nothing but number 1s.

      Music is something that was created to make people feel good, if you happen to be a conscious artist that’s cool. HOWEVER, MUSIC IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE OF ONE’S SELF. I don’t think music is a place where people should be learning conscious stuff (that’s why we have these places called church, the library, and schools).

      • anissia 22 April, 2016 at 20:18 Reply

        Only one speaking some damn sense.
        Bougie black girls arent amongst my peers. I am a Mexican south african living in america, spick and nigger, afrikaanse is my first language, Im judged right away. My dad says die amerikaanse only put up with someone beautiful or rich, he met my ma and picked beautiful because she was beautiful ,and because we had no other option.
        Bougie black gul, you are black but to me you sound hostile, like an enemy. My da says nigga, is he coon? I love rap music, money and bitches have always been part of it. You live where I lived and tell me what your dreams are made of, bougie black girl. No time for empowerment when youre scared to get raped, shit, robbed, not find work. South africa is like die jungles. Hip hop was my….I dont know. Fun. I like to dance, I like bobby, I know what it feels be willing to do anyting for money. I hope you never see children hungry, experience real hunger, for food, dignity doesnt exist when you baby sister cries. If my da thought like you bougie black gul, about his “dignity” I wouldn’t be here in amerikaa, typing on an PHONE comfortable and happy.
        what is dignity compared to a chance after years of dark? You heard gun shots at night bougie black gul?
        Me either, daytime us when I seen more happen. dignity cannot be taken away without…agreement…xant think of the word. Maybe hes just hungry for better life? The world is this way youre words hurt me and sound ugly. Bobby words sound familiar. Im not a bitch, dad showed me some and said never me, is that wrong of him? Theres alot.
        I am mexican and afrikaanse. Ma had tan skin da dark as charcoal.I have the long hair you all call “good hair” I been to die motherland, I am afrikaan and yet you anerikaanse black say im not black enough because im mixed and my hair blow.
        Now we wrong black for acting this way, doing that dance.
        To me, you are amerikaanse bougie black gul. Where im from, no amerikaanse poes can decide whats right wrong or dignified. Bobby is my brother. I like his music. I like other hip hop too. Rakim nas buju future rich homie quan rza typical cat wayne slim shady, we heard that in Sa and its fresh, come to my country some time we have hip hop to. We may dance, people may get shot, da might call you his nigga, but dont take away real people and youths like bobby dignity to “raise up” black amerikaanse people,
        Why paint your perfect bougie black ameriKKKansre picture under the bodies of those who reap the effectsoI of your countries ignorance?
        Yes Good job marginalizing them more, someone above said he not her brother,
        When did amerikaanse bleck poes decide all black people must live to a standard?
        He wrong for turning shit to gold? Give me a life of comfort and safety and Ill sing or dance.
        I dont feel undignified by that. I have my lines but theu ARE MINE,like never stripping, but they are mine and I will never tell someone what they chose js undignified beause I do not know theu struggle.
        Maybe he didnt.feel undignified.until his “people” made him, just like die community and countrh he from.

        Use him for your fancy commentary spits him out and throws him under the bus.
        You no different from corporate white amerikaanse

  5. keketas007 3 November, 2014 at 05:31 Reply

    he is so fresh to the game of course he may not have it poetically correct…For Gods sake why are people slamming him…He is rapping his reality….Thats what a person sings about raps about even an artist when they paint….They create what is on there heart and the reality that they experience….Give him a chance to develop…You never know..I hope someone gets him under there wing and helps him grow as a person and as a artist….God bless you Bobby!!!

    • Jonathan 3 November, 2014 at 14:45 Reply

      Regarding keketas007:

      I’m glad you understand his position. People don’t realize the more money you make in the rap game generally the further you distance your self from the bad things that affect our communities. Example include jayz, puff, nelly, 50 cent, Ludacris, wayne, akon, Rick ross. Most of these I mentioned at one point were close to being locked up or being caught in the system, many millions later they don’t want to even be around the BS. I don’t get why these trollers don’t understand that.

  6. Tommy 4 November, 2014 at 11:38 Reply

    Leave the lil nigga alone. He did what he had to do. Better than performing at trial for a dope case or murder. Everybody act a azz every once in a while. Nobody knows just how bad that money is needed for his family. Quit hatin like some BITCHES , but than get pissed off or offended when the word is used. Most of y’all that’s hatin don’t even have a job or kiss azz day to day to keep it and y’all ain’t bouta get paid near as much as him. Lmao! Today’s lesson, quit hatin.

      • anissia 22 April, 2016 at 20:26 Reply

        You are.all disgusting. Amerikaanse really are racist even the black.
        Someone even said go bCk to school because I talked in my.native language AFRIKAANSE.
        You should all be ashamed. Im 17 bobby what? 20?
        Why you all talk like this about ur countryman? Isnt life hard? Ever worked? Money fixes alot but im bad for saying that, well naybe you never
        I.wish icould take you to my country, his city even u have ur ghettos here.too, ud well, it not a blAck thing it’s a poor thing.
        Survival is my love.
        Obsessively.picking apart your youth wanting.more to raise up you sad people is your love.

        I hope hes doing ok and the universe bless him.

  7. Jo3 6 November, 2014 at 04:47 Reply

    @ Jonathan Why are you defending wrong? The way you struggle to justify it proves your fraudulence. Whether you are able to understand or not, you are doing harm. These men are fools and adversely effect society. Not to mention they specifically effect the African American communities. Positive male role models are needed in a bad way and all we got us Lil wayne and Drake and people like shmurda…well looks like we followed a bunch of bedazzled male strippers into a roaring river lemming style. That wasn’t worth it. I can understand you don’t like these sentiments Jonathan. Change is hard and it requires much fortitude. I expect you to disagree with me. There are two options: one requires hard work and one requires doing what you’ve done for years (which doesn’t work)…of course you want the easy answer. Unfortanely the “easy answer” has not just made fools of many people but more importantly it’s drastically reduced the potential of young innocent lives. Think about the kids man!!! Think about the daughters and mothers!!!!!!!! Love will heal their wounds but first, defenders like yourself must be peeled away …and you will.

    • Jonathan 6 November, 2014 at 11:18 Reply

      Regarding Jo3:

      Thanks for the note. Unfortunately you failed to make any valid objective points-your comment was awkwardly phrased. First off, you said “The way you struggle to justify it proves your fraudulence”, how does that prove I’m a fraud? That term didn’t not fit that sentence at all. You do realize that?

      Furthermore, if you or your kids look up to lil wayne or drake, I think it’s commendable. They are both hard workers and wayne will go down as possibley the greatest rapper of all time. You fail to truly understand what wayne has done in music, he has got there based off hard work. I think he has had the most number one songs in rap and drake not to far behind him. If he were a white doctor and had the same output of work, as he does in music your kids would be reading about him in school. He has been dedicated to a rap company (cash money) which has been on top of the rap industry for 20 plus years. Have you been on top of your career field for 20 years, have you been a top performer in your field of work at the national level for 20 years. You see Jo3, you haven’t done half of the work the people you referenced in your statement have. How dare you down a Lil Wayne or drake, they are pioneers in music and in business, please read up on them. Plus I’m from New Orleans, so I take offense because I know how hard it was for wayne to make it.

      Now positive role models are needed, I agree. But if you had a little sense you could find many examples.

      You make it seem like rap adversely impacts blacks when actually it doesn’t. Let me give you some objective data, it was pulled from a government study as to why blacks are behind.

      It has nothing to do with music, in fact blacks don’t even “buy” rap music (shocking news right)!!! Nor do blacks support other black businesses (shocking right)!!!

      -don’t graduate high school (why? Music?)
      -raised in single parent homes (why? Music?)

      This is factual objective data, not me blabbing stuff off. Now show me the correlation between those two bullets and music (that blacks don’t even buy).

      No one can argue facts, if you think music is the issue my friend you are just as wrong as everyone else.

      In closing, I know all about hard work, I have two college degrees (B.S. and M.Eng) in engineering and currently working on a PhD (in business). I have a professional top ten world wide credential and have a side businesses which is doing well. I’m curious as to what your credentials are. My brother has two masters and my sister has a B.S. working toward a doctrine. I grew up poor, in new Orleans listening to rap music (lil wayne) and turned out okay. You have any siblings what are there credentials?

  8. real 11 November, 2014 at 20:46 Reply

    he has good energy, what he do to survive is in his own right, if the record labels want to establish their selves in this manner. that’s not Shmurda problem. he does that everyday without the money. so the video just shows how strong and how willing black people are willing to turn obstacles into opportunity. I’m not mad at him. I just see that us Blacks are envied

  9. eyesvalor 12 November, 2014 at 05:40 Reply

    He’s black and says the word bitch doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with black women. He’s directing that word “bitch”towards white women ,because we ALL know what will happen when he gets famous. He’ll get a white chick,and that’s great,because that saves many black women from dealing with him.

  10. Broadway 12 November, 2014 at 11:16 Reply

    This was a good debate, points on both sides I understood. Bobby is young and his environment is fueling his lyrics. Unfortunately bitch and nigga along with mf are street words of every day use.The music is offensive if one is viewing it from a pro – black perspective. Street wise, this is a young dude doing what he have to do to make it. I think music influence inspires and is important for positive messages and awareness. Many under privileged children are only exposed to music, so negative music takes it toll on how they view the world. Black Americans, people of African heritage, doesn’t make a conscious decision to support each other and this is also influencial on the young. If ones environment one is grown in, good parents, family, etc, then Bobby is just another artist, but if a kid is into are being courted by street life then artists with the murder kill, Bitch, hoe is a huge conduit to the madness in our community.

  11. dani G 21 November, 2014 at 21:17 Reply

    In AMERICA, unfortunately, you have to do whatever it takes to make it even if it means selling your self-worth. This child came from a rough upbringing perhaps only understanding one thing: “I want to be a rapper because I do not want to be poor anymore”. I need to make music that captures audiences to get noticed so that I can get out of the hood. And getting noticed is what he is doing even if people do not like it. Just like Wendy Williams defended her direction of the Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime: She stated people noticed and watched nonetheless, hopefully this recognition helps Bobby Shmurda come out that life he is animate about. At the same time, people need to stop judging so harshly and stop depending on society and social media to teach values to their communities. We are all just trying to make it.

  12. Hasso 16 June, 2015 at 04:42 Reply

    No disrespect to real black people, but sorry on this one…
    That’s really what we call a nigger.
    He doesn’t even deserve to be called a black man.

    Sorry folks.


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