Get your holy coconut oil ready: Cursed Weaves? What kind of madness is this? Click and find out.

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Yes, you heard it right. Get your blessed coconut and shea butter oil ready. According to my local news, yes I live in the Mid-South, weaves maybe be cursed. WMCTV decided for about two minutes, to get away from our daily local shoot outs, robberies, crappy education system, corrupt-do-nothing politicians and White folks crying about the animal shelter and grass at the zoo stories, to focus on this.

Let me tell you about my great community and it is great. Memphis is poor, has high unemployment, plenty-o-crime and is very racially segregated. The truth is Memphis is a 63% Black city, but it mimics the power structure of the ghosts of plantations past. White folks run everything while the Black folks work for and live on crumbs. And folks here are wondering why this city, with over 29.8% poverty, is decades behind every other major city. Priorities people!! Now let’s fight the war on hairlines!

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The woman in the pic above truly believes that you can take on spirits through a weave track. I won’t be surprised if others believed this too. Next folks will be sewing crucifix knots in their closures and making the sign of the cross with weave glue.

You know what? This story is a hotep’s dream come true. They love controlling Black women’s choices. It will probably be shared next to stories like how to remove your calcified pineal gland through your yoni and why Black women can be sister-wives and procreate for the revolution without signing the White man’s evil marriage license. Oh yeah, read my tips on how to spot a hotep here.

One more thing. I know we’re making fun of these people, but to be honest, I am sick of it all. The continued attack on women, especially Black women, is incredibly sexist and down right dangerous. You’re asking how this is sexist? You’ll never hear a story about cursed toupees, hair plugs and man weaves for men. Mic. Freaking. Drop. Watch the video here:

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

If you cannot see the video, click here.

Anything for ratings. What do you think? If you’re bored, please feel free to leave a comment about this f**kery to WMCTV here.

The only limit you have, is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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  1. Cherri 2 March, 2016 at 09:26 Reply

    Wow. You know what though. As Black women start to make moves (education, business owning, making money and overall putting ourselves first) these types of attacks are going to increase. This world either ignores us/tries to replace us or when we get too big for our britches, they wanna mock us. That’s the way the game is played and we need to brace ourselves for the bullsh*t that will come.

  2. loveandpeace 3 March, 2016 at 08:18 Reply

    Yes, they want to mock us, Cherri, but then they also want to USE us to help them get things done- like having a slave (who was considered an animal) breastfeed a master’s baby or cook food for them that would have been contaminated by the beast feed it and preparing it. It makes no sense at all. The Hoteps are already misquoting the Bible by interpreting references to the Daughters of Zion as Black women being stricken with scabs and baldness for their disobedience. The say Black women have so much mouth that is why are going bald. This scripture is a metaphor for the children of Israel, not Black women. What, we had bad attitudes in biblical days too? Not so!

    And yes, they say that weave is making us crazy, but it seems to be making them crazy. Do you know how many men wanted me to wear WEAVE back in the day? Lots! Women started wearing weave because Black men didn’t want us with our nappy hair or short hair; and because these chemicals are too harsh and toxic to our bodies; and because society doesn’t even want to give us a job if we have natural hair. It is a control thing. Some Black men want Black women to have NOTHING and NO ONE. They think that if we don’t wear weave or makeup that they also complain about, then people will think that we are ugly, just as many Black men say we are. And we will never become successful in society or find love because we are so undesirable. This is a lie! Of course, not all Black men think this way, but I truly believe that is the reason for all of this. Black men don’t want Black women to be anything or have anything or anybody who loves us. I am not sure about cursed weaves, especially if it is synthetic- some men think that is cursed to. I do think colorism is a curse and hating Black women and nappy or short hair is a curse. That is the real problem. People need to accept and appreciate Black women as they are.

  3. Cherri 3 March, 2016 at 10:49 Reply

    You’re right. And there is a weird culture of BM seeing BW as their competition in this world instead of a counterpart. We are raised to see them as such, but somewhere along the line they begin to see other BW as a threat (of course not all but enough of them). I suppose, most patriarchal societies are like that not just Black ppl-for the man to be above the woman must be below and the only way to keep an autonomous being down you must stay committed to trying to control them all day, errday, 24/7, 365. They can misquote Bible verses all day…all by themselves in a corner somewhere.

    • loveandpeace 5 March, 2016 at 22:28 Reply

      I agree that BM see BW as competition, yet while they keep us beneath them like patriarchal societies, they do not protect us and provide for us the same way. It’s the crab in the barrel thing, they feel that only they can have what society has to give, and they are not willing to share because they do not care if they destroy a BW in the process of getting what they want. They do not care what happens to us- not all of them, but too many of them. BM act like there is only room for them so they hold BW back, and they also act like they are punishing some BW for what others did to them, whenever they get positions of power. They do not act on the behalf of BW, unless she looks like something they can take to bed. Otherwise, they really do not care, and they use their power against us. If ever there was a race war, there will be many BM killing BW first to get back at the few girls that rejected them in the past. I have seen their comments everywhere about this. They fail to realize that this is why BM will never truly succeed and take over anything because they have too much hatred in them toward BW and they want us eliminated…. of course, not all, but a large portion of them want us gone. Karma will never allow that to happen. BM are shooting themselves in the foot by hating and mistreating us. They will never have what they were supposed to get because of it.

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