25 things our Bougie behinds need to #LeaveItIn2017

I’ve decided to put this list together because it needs to be said. Here at BBG we say the things others are afraid to say. The truth is I’m sick of these things. I hate them. I want them to go away. Leave us be. I rebuke it in the name of Oshun, Black Jesus, Pattie pies and the collard greens and plantains of my ancestors. So what do we need to leave in 2017:

  1. Pick me’s. Just admit you have low standards and don’t get mad others don’t want community peen.
  2. $24 wedding rings, It’s sad a man is willing to spend $300 on Jordans but wants to only spend $25 on the person who will wipe his ass when he gets old. (If you accept this, see #1 and then go to therapy. Fix it Jesus and therapist!)
  3. Women who say they get along better with men but that man still ain’t pick them yet.
    (((Girl, women don’t like your ass because you’re a mediocre pick me chick who thinks Fanta and a two-piece biscuit in his dirty car is a date.))
  4. Cryrese (Tyrese), No explanation needed
  5. Women who think everyone wants their trash ass, prison peen, illiterate, eight baby mamas having, never marrying your ass and baby litter making man.
  6. Trump
  7. Hoteps and their handmaidens
  8. Broke men promoting polygamy while calling women who breathe in a man’s direction hoes.
  9. Ashytrons who believe everything can be healed with kale, shea butter, and their ashy peens.
  10. Dumbasses from Uncle Sebi’s Youtube University who think menstruation isn’t natural and the dummies who believe them.
  11. Flat-earthers. They’re real dumbasses.
  12. Poverty peen, prison peen, and build-a-negro projects
  13. Struggle love! Just say no sis 
  14. The pick mes who drop pics anytime some random ashytron with a raggedy hairline and bigger bellies than me says he wants a pic with your real hair, no makeup and booty pics. I’m like dude you need makeup more than we do.
  15. Men who say they want a natural woman but their porn hub account determined that was a lie.
  16. Sisters not buying and using female condoms
  17. People who confuse race, ethnicity, and nationality.
  • Race = Black
  • Nationality = German, Dominican, Jamaica. American
  • Ethnicity = Latino, African American, etc
  1. People who blame weave and makeup for the destruction of the Black community while they rock $200 belts, $50 fitted caps, spend $20 every two weeks at the barbershop to hide their natural hair and wear $200 Jordans.  What you know about legacy? You can’t pass your J’s, socks, mediocrity, string of broken hearts and your $25 a month child support check on to your children when you die.
  2. People calling Black women gold diggers for not wanting a man who isn’t broken, broke, has a job, has a maximum of one baby mamas and can read.
  3. Tyrese again
  4. Unsolicited peen pics
  5. Shaming people for their success or spending their money as they see fit
  6. Hotep art. It’s all ugly!
  7. People who benefit from privilege using intersectionality to silence Black women.
  8. White people destroying African, Caribbean, African American, Asian and Latino cuisine

What else should we #LeaveItIn2017? Thanks for reading. I am so grateful for your support. By the power of the eternal Black sisterhood and with all of the blessings from the ancestors, I wish you a Happy New Year. This is your time to shine. Shine brightly sis.

Love you. Now love yourself,


The only limit you have is the one you’ve placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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