Who is woman Hip-Hop? Is she dead?

By La Femma Negrita

Hip-Hop was the ultimate form of storytelling but I think it’s going through a transition. Stories aren’t told anymore, they are sold. Just like every genre’s transition from the underground to commercial notoriety, Hip-Hop isn’t as niche as it once was. At one point, you could make banging music with two-turntables and a microphone but now… You need a record label, a marketing machine, and a look to move units. This is especially the case with female hip-hop.

Is she still relevant?

Political Activist and Blogger

Not any more unless you’re rapping about being a Barbie.

It irks me that female rappers are treated like the bottom of the barrel. Yes, it takes money to make money but damn, if she has talent invest in the talent, not in a fantasy!

But Sexism in the rap game isn’t brand new!
Today’s female rapper is still seen through the eyes of a male. From Salt and Pepa, MC Lyte, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, and now Nicki Minaj, these women were molded through the eyes of a male. At one point, all of these female rappers had male writers, male influencers, males guiding their careers, and male role models. Basically, you need a male sponsor, a male to validate your worthiness.
Sit down baby girl, let me talk to you!
If you’re a new female rapper in the game, please don’t break your body down and alter yourself into something you’re not. Be authentically YOU! I don’t see male rappers getting their guts fixed. Hell, Rick Ross is pushing close to Jaba the Hut status and although his raps are less than mediocre, he’s still moving units. It makes me mad watching beautiful and talented sisters break down their bodies and altering themselves into an ideal of what is acceptable to the male, especially the black male. Oh and it’s usually an unbelievably weave-down-to-there wearing female with enhanced boobs, hips and ass look that they throw on you. Aren’t you tired of it?

Oh and you better believe it impacts your fans. Some of us deal with trying to alter our bodies to become what you pretend to be, an unrealistic fantasy.

Every blog I read, I notice other female hip-hop fans beg for Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott or Eve to come back. The question is why are people so thirsty for their music?

These empowered sisters held their own. It’s obvious that there is a void. What female rapper is telling our story? No, we didn’t smuggle cocaine in our coochie. We don’t have to pop, lock and drop it to pay the bills. Yeah we’ve had our ups and downs. We found love, lost love, and suffered from broken hearts. We work. We educate ourselves. We love our home girls, we have children, and we gain and lose weight. Oh yes, and we love to have fun.

That’s the real story. I wonder if there is a new female out there who will tell it. If you are, I am ready to support you girl!

La Femme Negrita blogs at www.lafemmenegrital.com or follow her on twitter at @LaFemme_Negrita