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Some people think Black Americans need to boycott Black Friday because of the injustices against Black Americans. I understand and it is a good idea, but I have an alternative. I believe investment breeds opportunity and in these United States the money is power. So instead of boycotting, why not buy Black on Black Friday and wield that power? Here’s why.

Black Americans have over $1.1 trillion in spending power. That’s more than most nations. When Black people participate in group economics, Black businesses hire Black people. Employed Black people produces Black wealth. Black wealth promotes Black investment and Black investment means a better future for all of us. It is the circle of Black wealth! I am singing it like the Lion King’s Circle of Life. It’s what every other powerful constituency group has done and because of their wealth, they are able to shape public and private policy. It’s our turn to do the same.

Some might say Black people buying from other Black people is racist. Here are some facts. Every month:

  • The Asian dollar circulates for 20 days in their community
  •  The Jewish dollar circulates for 20 days in their community
  • The White dollar circulates for 17 days in their community
  • And sadly, the Black dollar only circulates for  six hours in ours. Sad isn’t it?

So that means every other group buys from each other except Black Americans. It also means unlike other racial groups, Black Americans are willing to buy from other groups. Finally it means the other groups mentioned don’t buy from Black businesses. So who are the real racists and why can’t Black Americans practice what other groups do?

What’s my solution?Well y’all know me and my lists. I am putting together another list of Black businesses to shop on, on Black Friday. It may not be much, but it’s a start and a chance to support a Black business. So if you want your or any Black owned business included please feel free to send me:

-The name of the business
-A picture
-A link to the website
-And pick a category: Children’s, Women’s, Men’s, Toys, Women’s Health and Beauty, Men’s Health and Beauty, Food, General, Etc.

International and Etsy businesses will be included so send me those and for the first time size doesn’t matter. Big, medium, small or even if your business is brand spanking new give me your info. One more thing, if your business is giving out a discount code let me know and I will include it.

This promotion to our thousands of readers is absolutely free. What do I want? All I want back is that you make money, grow your wealth, invest it, share this post and help someone else in need. OK enough with the sentimental stuff. So forgive me for making this so last minute, but November 25, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST is the last time to submit a business. No late messages. I have to cook so red wine and the internets don’t mix. Message me below or email me at with your businesses details. The business list will be posted on Black Friday.

The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

Thank you for your help and for reading. Spread the word,



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