My fellow Bougie ladies and gentlemen I need some healing hands and a prayer cloth right now… My name is Bougie and I am a Star****s addict. I have been an addict since 2008. This thing that shall not be named is my crack. Heck its worse then crack. It’s like meth or heroin.

It’s in every state, every city and on every block. It’s even at the airports!! They hook you in with one of those damn gift cards that my friend gave to me during a Christmas gift exchange and then they got you. You do the daily walk of shame and  the dealers greet you with a sly smile. Like most dealers they take cash or credit!! They charge you crazy a** prices and to sweeten up the deal they sell cookies and cakes. Sweets are my other addiction. A pound cake equals pounds on my behind.

The face of pure evil.

I just need your prayers right now as I make it through this most trying time . I am trying to get back in shape again. Lawd, I feel the shakes coming on and I am paranoid . Withdrawal is setting in. For my fellow addicts it’s real in the field!! Keep your head up , your cups down and your wallet closed. For those who don’t do it, don’t.  Remember Star**** is wack!! Stay bougie.

Yours in the struggle,