The more you will get to know me the more you will realize I have a thing for politics, sports, family, clothing and shirtless politicians. Yes shirtless politicians. There is something about a politician who likes to troll Craig’s list because they are sexually repressed. They are the super freaks yall! Don’t judge me..

Well Judge Wade McCree from Detroit is my latest crush.  When the bailiff said please rise I guess she meant it. You see, he sent pictures of himself to an employee (his bailiff). His “legal briefs.” Well guess what? Hubby found the pictures on the phone and took it straight to the media. Did I forget to mention that the judge is married? By the way when asked for a statement by the reported he said, “Hot dog, yep that’s me.”

Look at those abs. Major hotness!!!

Detroit Judge Wade McCree. Image via

Watch the report here.

Court Bailiff: Detroit Judge Wade McCree Sent a Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to My Cell Phone:

The judge in action. Not that kind of action. I mean at work, work.

Here are some more pics. Chris Lee is my favorite.. He is a man with great taste. He has a thing for Black Women…

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