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Dear Cashier People,

I dont want to offend ya’ll because you guys are doing a great job but stop licking your fingers when you open bags and handle money. The taste of money and products may be finger licking good to you but it’s disgusting to me. I see nothing but red sirens like Uma Thurman’s character from the movie Kill Bill when you do it.

As a germaphobe and someone who easily gets sick, it bothers the heck out of me because you guys are potentially putting all kinds of bugs in your mouth and then spreading those evil little buggers to people like me. God knows where that money has been. As a kid, I put money in all kinds of unnatural places including my shoes. Heck, many of us remember when money would magically appear from grandma’s mammary glands when the ice cream truck was near.

Did you know that found that money was one of the 10 dirtiest things people put in their mouths every single day? Ew! And in a 2010 ABC News segment, where they tested money “it showed five of the bills contained bacteria that can cause an infection like influenza in healthy people, 59 contained bacteria that can cause serious illness in those with weak immune systems, and four were relatively germ-free.” Read the rest of the article here. Did you also know that money has been found to contain traces of cocaine and even fecal matter (poo)? Yuck.

Sanitary habits are great habits so use a sponge or wear gloves. Ask a manager to address the issue or else a germaphobe customer who is not so nice will. “Now you know and knowing is half the battle.” ~ GI Joe

Someone who doesn’t like saliva cooties.

Editors note: This post wasn’t specifically written about anyone especially the two ladies in Walgreens who always do it.