The devil is busy and has personally made Memphis hot as hell. If someone offered me holy water I would probably drink it.


Here are some tips:

Folks please be safe. Do not leave children or animals in hot cars. Take them with you. If you can’t take them with you don’t bother going. I am sick of hearing how a dumb ass person who was unworthy of having a child left a child in a car to die.

Drink plenty of water. We are made up of water. Our bodies need it. Carry bottle water in this heat.

WEAR SUNBLOCK. Yes Black and Brown folks can get skin cancer too. We actually get it at pretty high rates.  The expansion of the ozone layer has increased the amount of radiation in the atmosphere that our ancient ancestors did not have to deal with. They didn’t have pollutants thinning the ozone like we do now so sun exposure can really destroy our skin.

And if you have asthma, cardio, respiratory or any other condition please be careful. You are the most important person in your life.


Stay cool and safe,