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Sigh, here we go again. Last week it was Lil Wayne disrespecting teen murder victim Emmett Till and this week it’s The Onion calling nine year old actress, Quvenzhané Wallis, a derogatory name and people mocking her for having a nonanglo name.

This unfortunately is nothing new. For hundreds of years Black women and Black children have had to constantly endure a daily barrage of every form of unnatural violence possible. Why? Because the truth is that we are unprotected.

The humiliation Black women and Black children has become much more socially acceptable. So, we are an easy target. Our pain is their joke and entertainment that they can tweet, link, click and share while reaffirming their false sense of superiority over Black women and Black children. From Black women and Black children being laughed at and beat down on Youtube videos to staged stereotype ridden “reality shows”, the tearing down of Black people specifically Black women and Black children has become a lucrative industry. The primary financial and social beneficiaries of the exploitation of Black women and Black children are non Blacks and sadly the Black men who are supposed to protect us (see the entertainment industry and YouTube videos). These examples show why it is absolutely imperative to support positive entities that support you.

The truth is that the Lil Wayne’s, The Onion’s, DL Hughley, Nikki Minaj, the Kevin Hart’s and other antiBlack, colorist and misogynistic people and organizations can be made irrelevant once YOU decide to close your wallet.

End this toxic and abusive relationship with these people and organizations. Stop giving the people who disrespect you your time and your money. You hold the power. You deserve better than this. You are a Black diamond. You are worthy. Shine bright and demand your respect.