Dear Bougie

Dear Bougie, Help! My family doesn’t support me.

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I always receive tons of email from our readers. Most of the time, the questions are the same. With the permission of this reader, I have decided to answer her question publicly so that those of you with the same problem can have your questions answered. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at and with your permission, it will be anonymously posted and answered by me. Welcome to the first ever ‘Dear Bougie.’
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Dear Bougie,

My family does not believe in what I do. I tell them I want to start a business and they don’t take me seriously. How can I get them to support me?

Unsupportive Family


Dear Unsupportive Family,

I am so happy that you have decided to become an entrepreneur. Everything about your life including your perspective is about to change.

Let me be honest. Everyone does not think like you. We cannot make people support us. We can understand their thinking. The thing is the majority of people are employees. They think like employees and act like employees too. They think working and receiving a paycheck with benefits from someone else is security. We both know it is not. A company can fire you at any moment. With a business, the only person that can hire or fire you is you, but people can’t help being conditioned the way they are. We must accept it.

What I want you to do is instead of waiting for your family to believe in you, start believing in yourself and make your business happen. You do not need their permission or approval. All you need for them to do is to love you and get out of your way.  We are the people we surround ourselves with so I also suggest joining a mastermind group for like-minded entrepreneurs. There you will get not only support you need, you will also be able to learn from others, network and gain great a great group of friends too. Hey that sounds like our forum! Even if it isn’t our forum join a group and you will feel and be better because of it.

Sis, Let their hesitation be your motivation. Once you show a profit, they will support you. I hope this helps.


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