Chile I done seen it all! White Lady Rachel Dolezal Passes as Black and Runs the Spokane NAACP


From mayo to melanated!

Yep, Mrs. Rachel Dolezal passed as a Black woman. Somebody call Skip Gates ASAP! She has all the credentials. She went to Howard, teaches Black Studies, married a Black man and has a Black son. According to the Washington Times:

Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University.

The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday that questions have arisen about her background and her numerous complaints to police of harassment. The story was first reported by the Coeur d’Alene Press.

Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, says the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a touch of Native American heritage.”

Read more here. Wow. So her parents had enough and outed her!

Here is the video where she’s confronted by a KXLY4 reporter at the 8:16 mark.

Check out her shocked face!

Heck, if I were nonBlack I’d want to be Black too. We have culture, food, history, and we are beautiful, brilliant and our ancestors gave birth to humanity. Who wouldn’t? I see how other groups augment their lips and butts and tan their bodies to look like me, but gawd dang. This right here is a whole nother (I spelled it like that on purpose) level. In all my years at a stunning and perpetual 28 years old, I have never seen anything like this in my life. This confirms folks want to be like us.

That moment when the world hands you your White privilege card back

That moment when life hands you your White privilege card back

My thing is; we can usually tell who is Black. That’s how we know who is passing. This is a serious question, but I want to know how the heck did our Negro Detection System fail? We need to call Quality Assurance because it is broken. My Negro senses started tingling and saying “this ain’t right” the moment I saw her picture. I have light folks in my family, hey daddy and family, but we can tell. So how did everyone else miss it? Y’all know she probably has more bottles of tanning lotion than every natural woman product junkie has jars of Eco styling Gel! She probably baptizes herself in it religiously. Again, I would too. The melanin is beautiful.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened. Clarence Strange, a White man who was a famous geologist during the Gilded Age, passed as Black to be with his Black wife. Check out the book Passing Strange. I read it and liked it. You will like it too. (Affiliate link. Help me make some money).


That’s Dolelaz with Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Personally, I think folks wanted to ignore it. All of them! We all know how the NAACP and other Black organizations like their leaders light, bright and darn near White or in this recent case in Spokane really White. And don’t be a light Black woman. That is an automatic ticket to leadership. Just kidding (not really). Here is a little NAACP history. Even though the NAACP always put forward Black faces, the first Black NAACP president wasn’t chosen until 1975. You heard me. Nineteen freaking seventy-five! So that may explain it.

Thinking out loud: Are my eyes not 20/15 (I know I can’t see) or does it look like Mrs. Dolezal stole Ms. Angela Davis’ look with a bad eBay wig? 


Before y’all Kim Kardashian claiming they are Black caping, hotep and y’all love dark skin only on Black men folks come here and tell me to lay off Mrs. Dolezal because she was “down for the cause,” I want to let you know she will not suffer. How do I know? Negrodamus predicts the NAACP and other Black organizations will start side eyeing every light-skinned leader their organization. Just kidding! In a few weeks I predict she will take off her Black face. Eventually, she will get a movie deal. It will probably be on Life Time because they live for this kind of thing. She will have a book a book deal and go on a lucrative speaking tour detailing her life as a strong strugglin Black woman. It will be all for the White gaze, of course, while actual Black women like me are ignored. This ironically is the ultimate White privilege.

dolezal on tyrese

But you have to ask yourself what kind of woman goes this far? I mean check out her Twitter handle! How did she get her family and friends to participate in this masquerade and how many people purposely ignored it? Those are questions we probably will never get answered. All I can say is stay Black or in Rachel’s case keep trying. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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  1. Lady T 12 June, 2015 at 02:11 Reply

    This post caught me off guard. I have heard comments about the NAACP … For a white woman to go this far is not surprising and now I believe the comments I’ve heard about the NAACP…..WOW

    I’m speechless

  2. Jacque 12 June, 2015 at 08:05 Reply

    She looks really interesting as “black” .Come on she is cuter…..seriously. Her white girl pic …well….kinda flat ..boring. every day white girl stuff

  3. Jodi 12 June, 2015 at 09:01 Reply

    Maybe she’s still black, despite her parent’s insistence otherwise. Part of her lineage IS German. Despite popular myth.. black people have been integrated into German society for a very long time. They are considered so part of Germany they were skipped over by Nazi racial policy. My own African ancestry comes from these Germans. (Specifically, the Senegalese descended Afro-Deutsche of the Alsace Lorraine.) We are light skinned, almost indistinguishable from white. The older generations of my family were so upset at the perceived threat to their privilege that they denied the African heritage rather vehemently, even disowning those that acknowledged it. It wasn’t until a DNA test at the Mayo clinic that proved my grandfather had sub-Saharan African genetic markers that we were even allowed to discuss it.

  4. Barbara 12 June, 2015 at 12:42 Reply

    It doesn’t bother me in the least!
    As a black woman, it makes me proud to know that Rachel embraces the Black race enough to love what black looks like and to want to head an organization that has assisted people of all shades of brown in the struggle.
    Many of the NAACP’S first supporters where white, and Jewish!
    When blacks alone can solely support the organization then talk to me.

  5. ShayRe 12 June, 2015 at 14:58 Reply

    This just sickens me. The fact that you still have your captain save’em defending this stating black women should be honored that a white woman wants to be like us. I find no honor in that, black women are not accessories. We can’t switch from being black to white, like this woman can. I don’t care how many black people she grew up around. I thought I have see in all but I was mistaken. Now people are saying she is the first transracial…that is it, I am done with society! I bet if it were a black man people would be more up in arms about it and not making any excuses for it but since this affects black women we are told to calm down and not take it serious. Black women it is apparent we are all we have, let’s stop the hate amongst each other because it is clear don’t no one care about us.

  6. Chay86 12 June, 2015 at 18:11 Reply

    Unfortunately, it seems like Black women always gotta fight to keep our crown. People stay trying to snatch it off our heads for others to wear. There is nothing flattering about it.

  7. kelly 13 June, 2015 at 04:01 Reply

    Hi, I am mixed race and wanted to share an experience I had dating this guy who had two white parents. When I first met him I thought he had some black in him, but he said he was White. Later I suggested that he take a dna test. Well after he took the test he discovered that the man he thought was his father was not because it show 1/4 African. Therefore his mother lied to him. One thing I noticed about him was most of his friends were all black. He liked black women, he watched all black tv shows. My point is why is everyone so quick to believe her mother. This woman obvious feels a connection to black people. What if her mother is trying to cover up an affair. I have seen many mixed race people who could easily pass for White. It would be more interesting to have her take a dna test, to see if this is not just some case in confused identity.

  8. Martin630C 13 June, 2015 at 14:12 Reply

    My great grandfather was a Choctaw Indian, so I feel that even though I am classified as white, I am qualified to speak on this. First of all, am I the only one to see that she is perpetuating a dangerous and untrue stereotype about black people? If you read the interview that’s online where she said that her imaginary black family lived off the land by killing their food with bows and arrows, her imaginary black parents beat her with a baboon stick, and her black ex-husband beat her so bad that her imaginary black son was thrown across the room. What picture forms in your head after reading this? I’m sorry, maybe I don’t know what racist is, but this sounds racist to me. To become a black person, she made up these stories that I guess she thinks represent how black families act. I have lots of black and Indian friends. I live in Miss., a state with the stereotype where people think we are all untamed, wild, & uncivilized. But none of my white,black, or Indian friends still live off the land using bows and arrows. (Although there are many hunters, they usually use guns & shop at the Kroger for most of their groceries) None of them have ever heard of a baboon stick, must less been beaten with one. And although none of my friends have abusive spouses, one could argue that happens no matter what color your skin is. So her made up story about growing up as a black in a black family is violence, violence, and more violence! That is helping the cause?

  9. Meag 17 June, 2015 at 22:08 Reply

    I´m not exactly sure I understand all of what you wrote (Kim K??) or your position very clearly .

    At any rate, I have carefully analyzed each of her interviews, and have a LOT to say of what she says, omits, and her body language during the interviews. I also have many hilarious memes from the scandal, and #AskRachel questions.

    So anyone wanting to take a peek, check it out! There are about 14 posts!

    FYI, I am a light skinned African American. If Rach actually DID look like that, I could probably be her child! LOL

  10. Meag 17 June, 2015 at 22:37 Reply

    There is one particularly of interest. . . 20 Things They Forgot to Ask in the Rachel Dolezal interview. . . that post is rather enlightening! 😉 You can click my name ¨Meag¨to link to the blog

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