It is racist and ignorant to assume Black voters are voting for President Obama based on race. Black voters unlike their counterparts have a solid record of voting cross racially. Black voters have voted for White candidates since granted the right to vote. Only once have white voters voted for a non white person on a MAJOR presidential ticket and Black candidates have run for president. So who really votes by race?

Secondly, if you know anything about history you would know that Black Americans have since the late 1930’s (FDR) voted Democratic. Black Americans support Obama because he is a Democrat and generally agree with him on the issues. For the last 13 elections Black American votes for Democratic candidates have been between 80-95%. The candidates were Kennedy (White), LBJ (White), Hubert Humphrey (White), McGovern (White), Carter (White), Mondale (White), Dukakis (White), Clinton (White), Gore (White), Kerry (White) and Obama (Black). The percentage of who has won the Black vote has remained consistent and overwhelmingly matches with political party identification and not RACE!
“Blacks mostly voted Republican from after the Civil War and through the early part of the 20th century. That’s not surprising when one considers that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, and the white, segregationist politicians who governed Southern states in those days were Democrats. The Democratic Party didn’t welcome blacks then, and it wasn’t until 1924 that blacks were even permitted to attend Democratic conventions in any official capacity. Most blacks lived in the South, where they were mostly prevented from voting at all.” : Blacks and the Democratic Party
Know your facts before making racist generalizations.