Ok. I was just thinking about how unusually quiet my day was on the bus. You guys know how crazy public transportation can be for me. I have seen it all. I have seen public masturbation, a guy threatening another, me calling out a Black White supremacist, a lady leaving her little kid on the bus, drunk dudes trying to talk to me, people flashing me, people flashing gang signs and weed heads at 7:30 am on the bus. Well I think today tops the cake.

I was riding the bus to pick up my little guys after work and all of a sudden I heard arguing coming from the back of the back the bus. I turned around and saw gang members dressed all in red (you know who they are) jumping this guy. Then they slashed the guys face. I haven’t seen someone get their faced slashed since 9th grade at my old high school in the Bronx. That was the first time I really felt nervous on the bus. To make a long story short, the gang people ran off. Sigh, gang members are the lowest of the low. Did I forget to mention that the gang members had a child with them. SMH