Snapshot 11 (5-1-2014 5-37 PM)

I believe life shapes who we are. It dictates our perspective and values. I also believe as a blogger in order to understand my perspective you need to know about me. So here are ten random facts about me.

1. I am as blind as a bat without my glasses. I really can’t see.

2. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. They taught me how to love.

3. I am a veteran. You want to know why I am such a hard ass, well that’s it. I am 3rd generation military. Even my immigrant great-great grandfather served. So when I see people who say they can’t do something I think they are full of it. They don’t want to do it.

4. I am from the Bronx. Enough said.

5.My family is from the United States and the Caribbean so all that nonsense about Black people from where ever being better than Black people from someplace else is both confusing and hilarious to me. Don’t y’all know that we all left the same home but landed in different places? You can dress up your Blackness with Spanish, French or other European costumes but deep down you are still Black and that is an awesome thing.

6. I am a political junkie. I have been active in politics for years. The only time in my short life I have ever missed a political cycle was when I served in the military. I felt my obligation was to my country and not political party regardless of who was in office. Politics taught me commitment, loyalty, strategy and team work.

7. I was homeless. Yes, my family lived in hotels and in a homeless shelter for years. I believe this lesson taught me compassion, social justice and it also gave me to drive to decide I would not fail. And even if I did fail at least I tried.

Homeless8. I love history. There is nothing better than learning from the victories and mistakes from the past.


9. I survived abuse. This taught me to be a better parent. It also taught me that I am a survivor. I can overcome anything as long as I do not quit.


10. I am allergic to cats but I love dogs. Dogs are warm, compassionate and caring animals but cats rule the world.

11. I don’t hate Black men. I hate antiBlack woman racio-misogyny. If you think hating racio- misogyny equates to hating Black men you are the one with the problem. Perhaps you are a misogynist. I am simply objecting to being treated like crap and standing up for my humanity. Listen, we get tired of being called a bitch, hoe and every other name in the book because you financially benefit from it. How can anyone be against that?  One thing is for sure, if I don’t stand up for myself no one else will.

12. I love working out. If I want to be the best so I have to feel the best. I am working on the eating healthy part.

13. I read over 20 books a year. I have this thing about information. I need to know everything.

14. I see myself as a free Black woman. I refuse to be limited or enslaved to the expectations and limitations of others. It was only fitting that I am atheist.

15. My favorite singer of all time is Freddie Mercury. I adore him.
Remember the only limit you have is the one you have place on yourself. So think and be limitless.